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Reese (reesericci) Armstrong’s garbage homepage on the interwebs that I should have spent more time on.

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I make things on the interwebs that are apparently cool.

about the web and free software

I love the web. It’s one of the last truly free digital mediums like Email and Matrix that are not run by companies.

It allows me to express myself however I want, not limited by character restrictions, or specialized formatting rules. It’s my website, that I built from scratch, not some garbage hot take on Twitter or Facebook.

Free (as in freedom) software carries this torch beyond the browser, into your operating system, your word processor, everything on your computer.

what have i done?

Here’s the part where I toot my horn about the cool things I’ve done.

what am i working on?

Check out my weblog at

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I would love to talk to you too!

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